An Introduction

(vintage guess jacket, pull and bear jeans, converse, ray-bans)
(forever 21 top, tractor jeans, steve madden boots, forever 21 glasses)

(forever 21 top, forever 21 jeans, kork-ease, vintage necklace)

Hey :-) Since this is our first post, we'll just explain a little about us. This blog is made up of 3 girls, Emma, Juno and Daxia. Juno and Daxia both have a history of blogging (see our 'about us' page), Emma is new to the blogging world. We plan on posting every week, some posts will be individual and some will be together. You can look through our posts (once we have more..) by clicking on the buttons at the top. There's a button for Emma, Juno, Daxia and one that says 'All'. See you soon!

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