Street Style

(Uniqlo top, Pull and Bear Jeans, Rebel boots, American Apparel backpack)

Photo by Juno


Juno's Third Product of the Week!

Hi everyone! My product of this week has been my favorite face lotion for a while, it is the Ultra Repair Cream. I always use it after washing my face at nighttime, it will cure your dry skin in a week. Not only can one use it on their, it is a all over body lotion, sometimes I put a little on my elbows if they are a bit dry. It is available at Sephora, I got it for around 12 dollars. If you want silky smooth skin, try it out! 

Emma's Product of the Week

This hand cream is my first product from Lollia and I love, love, love it!  It has a fresh and floral but not too sweet scent.  It applies thin and rubs in right away so it's moisturizing without leaving your hands slippery.